“TraDel “— Let’s revolutionize global shipping together!

Figure 1: Number of international migrants across North America, Asia and Europe (©UN DESA 2021 [1])

The solution?

TraDel, “Travel Delivery”, is a non-commercial Crowd Shipping platform connecting people searching for a delivery option with travelers who have some luggage space left. The benefits of using available travel routes for private shipping are the opening of new shipping options which might be cheaper and more flexible than those offered by commercial logistic companies. Furthermore, emissions, pollution, and noise that would be caused by extra shipping routes can be reduced. Travelers delivering the package could make some extra money and thus, compensate parts of the travel costs and actually make somebodies day by helping deliver packages to their loved ones — tech for good!

Figure 2: TraDel — Header
Figure 3: TraDel — Benefits
  • Paulinus Ayere Aghughu (paulynpen@gmail.com)
  • Hikmatullah Ahmadzai (hiko.a1919@gmail.com)
  • Michael Majemite (michaelmajemite@gmail.com)
  • Paul Imhomoh (paulgeoph@gmail.com)
  • Taylan Yildiz (taylan.yildiz@tu-dortmund.de)
  • Nele Markert (n.markert@posteo.de)
  • Miguel Krause, Data Science & Web Dev Mentor
  • Nils Jannasch, Web Dev Mentor
  • Tom Stein, Web Dev Mentor
  • Saumya Bhatt, UX Design Mentor



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