“Vino Chance” — your perfect wine

  • The person does not know about wine or is just starting to learn more about wine
  • The person already knows a lot about wine but wants to know more options for the wines they are familiar with
  • The person is looking specifically for wine, e.g., from a certain growing region, a certain price range, and wants to know what it really tastes like and what others think
Figure 1: Screenshot of the first wireframe in Figma.

Our results help people to learn about and explore different wines.

The next steps in our project would be to further develop the website according to the wireframe, fill it with content and implement the filter. Furthermore, we would like to develop a QR Code Scanner, so that people can scan a wine in e. g. the supermarket and find suitable food.

  • the website on MVP Level, which has the first version of a filter function,
  • a matching dataset,
  • and wireframe as a long-term goal for our website.
  • Florian Zimmer (Overall Management)
  • Kai Bitterschulte (Web Development, Data Science)
  • Nico Kranz (Web Development, Data Science)
  • Saumya Bhatt (UX-Design)



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